A historic state of the art museum is going to be built in Ghana. This international museum named Ghana National Museum on Slavery and Freedom (GNMoSaF), a non-GovernmentaL Organisation, has received Ghana government’s approval and support to be developed at a location near the historic castles of Cape Coast and Elmina, both of which have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The museum will serve as the cornerstone of a larger cultural heritage complex which includes a conference center, hotels, shopping, and an entertainment venue for tourists and the people of Ghana. GNMOSAF, as an international institution, will provide archival preservation, documentation, interpretation and education about the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the struggles of African countries for emancipation from colonialism. Upon completion, the $US200+ million development project will stand as one of Africa‚Äôs most important cultural resources and institutions advocating the eradication of all forms of modern day slavery and human trafficking. By honoring the lives of past victims of slavery, we seize the opportunity to reconcile as a people globally and to forge a united front against all forms of subjugation and oppression.

Grand Opening Summer 2026!